Vol V: Our Outlook

Sorry, no pretty pictures this time; Looking to address some of the most common questions we receive on a daily basis, we sat down with Universal Colours’ Lead Designer Will for an honest, unpolished conversation about clothing production. Where is the clothing made?  Globally. We have partnered with LTP, one of Europe’s most renowned sportswearContinue reading “Vol V: Our Outlook”

Vol IV: Collaboration

Universal Colours x Sigma Sports. A collaboration inspired by the sights and sounds of London was always destined to stand out. The sharp contrast between the serenity of our local parks and the harsh lines of suburbia by night is expressed through design. With each tone provoking its own unique set of emotions, as designersContinue reading “Vol IV: Collaboration”

Vol II: Production

Behind the threads. The synergy between our core values and our factories is imperative to our success. A collaborative approach allows us to adapt, progress and produce the highest quality, most carefully considered product possible. In this second blog, our lead designer, Will, discusses the importance of the right partners, providing a first-hand insight intoContinue reading “Vol II: Production”