Vol I: Conception

A brand is born.

Here at Universal Colours, we aim to be as transparent as possible with each and every element of our story.

Although we are a new brand that doesn’t share the heritage of some, we have a long lasting connection to the cycling community through which we established the desire for a new clothing brand with a different purpose. What we are, is a forward-thinking brand designing some of the finest, considerately sourced performance apparel our industry has seen.

While we’re on the subject of heritage, it’s important to highlight that whilst Universal Colours itself has only just been born, our sister company, Sigma Sports, has been at the forefront of the cycling world for over 25 years. Growing from a two-man operation in a bedroom to the globally recognised retailer we see today, we are extremely proud to play a part in the next chapter of their story.

As a new brand with deep roots, we are more than aware of the challenges we face. The number of niche apparel brands has skyrocketed of late, however we have embraced our community’s feedback and believe there is still space for a progressive cycling brand created with a purpose.

We constantly look outside our industry for inspiration, be that outdoor, street-wear or fashion. Acknowledging consumers see their clothing as an extension of their views and personality, Universal Colours aspires to become the go-to brand for the new wave of discerning cyclists that are both fashion-conscious and aware of their impact on the environment .

Our passion for all things cycling sits firmly at the forefront of every decision we make. Development began back in 2018, with the first collection set to land in spring 2020. Throughout this period our team has been meticulously designing, re-designing and testing to ensure our clothing provides exceptional performance and comfort on every ride.

We utilise recycled materials wherever possible, but will never compromise on performance. Working closely with our carefully selected partners, we create garments with a focus on originality, durability and responsibility. The way our clothing is produced and the fabrics chosen are a big part of the brand’s story. We only work with factories internationally audited for social and environmental good practice, and this will never change. 

In our next blog, we will be offering a unique insight into the production of our clothing. Stay tuned.

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Considerately sourced, progressively designed.

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