Vol III: Collections

Welcome Back.

As you may have noticed, we have been a little quiet over the past few months. Navigating through these challenging times has been tough as a new brand, but we are pleased to say we’re very much back and looking forward to sharing the next stage in our journey with you. 

By continuing to work with our trusted partners in a safe and considered manner, our summer collection will still launch as planned, available exclusively through sigmasports.com on 30/07/20, before the launch of our own website universalcolours.com

While we understand this news is somewhat insignificant given the gravity of current global affairs, as cyclists we feel it does represent hope. 

Hope for our industry, our sport and above all, our community.

From apparel to accessories, we have left no stone unturned. A collection crafted with care, our dedication to using only the finest fabrics has ensured optimum performance, style and durability out on the roads and beyond. 

Mono, Spectrum and Chroma; three words that define the core structure of our range. In this third entry to our blog, we take a closer look at spring/summer 2020, sharing some of the designs, fabrics and processes we are proud to have brought to life this season.

Mono Collection

As the name suggests, the garments are piece-dyed, meaning there is only a single colour per style. The use of block colour results in a clean, timeless finish, perfect for those favouring a classic aesthetic. 

We like to think of this range as a true modern classic, combining understated design with technical fabrics, considerate construction and a well-tailored on-the-bike fit. 

Staying true to our core beliefs, every style is constructed using 100% recycled Italian fabrics.

Spectrum Collection

A visual expression of the brand. 

The name represents the plethora of vivid colours brought out during the sublimation process. Bold and eye catching, the range has been tailored for those looking to make a statement. 

Every style is designed and constructed using innovative, high-performance fabrics, utilising recycled materials wherever possible.

Chroma Collection

Created using only the highest-quality fabrics, this collection represents the pinnacle of performance cycling apparel. Finished in timeless block colours, with carefully considered detailing, the range has the aesthetics to match its premium performance. 

Utilising woven fabrics, Chroma offers levels of performance and durability simply unachievable using traditional knitted fabrics. As with all our clothing, we have used recycled materials wherever possible without any compromise to the performance.

We hope you have enjoyed this quick insight into our upcoming collection. In our next edition, we will look to share more details on the individual garments within each range with you.

Until next time,

The Universal Colours Team

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  1. Looking forward to the launch, hopefully not long to wait until “Judgement Day”…Good Luck & Keep Safe.

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