Vol II: Production

Behind the threads.

The synergy between our core values and our factories is imperative to our success. A collaborative approach allows us to adapt, progress and produce the highest quality, most carefully considered product possible.

In this second blog, our lead designer, Will, discusses the importance of the right partners, providing a first-hand insight into the early stages of production.

“My background is in design, albeit not solely fashion. I’ve studied industrial and product design whilst simultaneously honing my skill set towards clothing. Over the past six or so years I have focused almost exclusively on the development of premium sportswear.

My experience outside the world of fashion has undoubtedly influenced my approach and style. The industrial element has allowed me to experiment and overcome problems with the physical side of apparel design, not just the visual elements.

Throughout my career I’ve worked with countless factories, both in Europe and beyond, each differing in terms of quality, cost and approach. Renowned as being one of the best in Europe, if not the world, LTP aligned with our aspirations for Universal Colours’ first collection perfectly. 

This BlueSign® accredited factory is one I am very familiar with. Open-minded, progressive and flexible, LTP doesn’t just embrace, but actively promotes the creativity necessary to develop our clothing.

Operating to the highest standards of ethical practice, the staff are passionate about what they do. The building is clean and inviting, and the working days are short and productive. Of course, there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available, but for us, the quality of our products and the environment in which they are created is of paramount importance. 

With multiple factories across the globe, LTP are flexible enough to produce everything from short runs of premium lines, to larger collections for high street brands. Close enough for regular visits and dynamic enough to work with the new, advanced materials we source, it made perfect sense for Universal Colours to partner with LTP’s smaller factory in Lithuania. 

Our approach to both design and material choice makes working with the right factories essential. This is why we have selected a number of factories around the globe who support and align with our vision for a new approach to cycle clothing design. 

While the vast majority of our SS20 collection is made in Lithuania, we are also working with a factory in China and Taiwan for our gilet and accessories. Both factories are internationally audited for social and environmental good practice. 

We are proud of our clothing’s journey and believe strongly in transparency. For us, our partner factories and their staff are not just another cog in the production wheel, they are part of the extended Universal Colours family.”

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