Vol IV: Collaboration

Universal Colours x Sigma Sports.

A collaboration inspired by the sights and sounds of London was always destined to stand out. The sharp contrast between the serenity of our local parks and the harsh lines of suburbia by night is expressed through design.

With each tone provoking its own unique set of emotions, as designers and cyclists, nature’s palette is a source of great inspiration. From rain bouncing off dimly lit streets to early morning sunlight cutting through mist, the visuals of each ride are never the same.

Splitting the collection in two, we looked outward at these distinctly different sides to our surroundings and the feelings they evoke. Exploring the topography of Richmond Park and Greater London, we curated a set of prints that truly represent and reflect the roads we ride.

Stop for a second and place yourself in the heart of our capital. Traffic lights, headlights and storefronts merge into one universal glow. Street food cuts through the unmistakable scent of fuel. Your heavy breathing and beating heart echo amid the overwhelming hum of urban life. For us, these are just a part of the unexplainable draw of riding in London.

Couple this electric atmosphere with the aggressive patternization of the roads that cut between countless pubs, shops and offices, and our Greater London design was born.

Taking on a more gradual flow, inspired by the undulation of the landscape, the Richmond Park collection is one for the purists. An oasis of calm amid the controlled chaos of London, local riders cherish the Park’s winding lanes and picturesque surroundings.

A hub of activity, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to suggest its very existence plays a strong part in keeping our cycling culture alive. Graced by seasoned riders and newcomers alike, Richmond Park represents far more than an area of green space, but an escape from reality on two wheels. 

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